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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tahoe to Sagehen

I had a three day meeting in the sierras north of Truckee last week and decided I could take the KLR as long as I traveled light. A fresh oil change & filter, servicing the battery with water and an overnight trickle charge, airing the tires and I was ready to go. With a cabin to stay in, I only needed my sleeping bag, several days of clothes and a few goodies to explore the outdoors with. The ride I took up highway 50 was relaxed on a Tuesday with light traffic. Lake Tahoe was still busy though in the middle of post fire summer tourist season. I rolled slowly along highway 89 and the west side of the lake enjoying the view. I took a nice long lunch break at a Forest Service campground along the Truckee river and cooled in the shade. I wasn't in a hurry and only needed to be there by 4 for the talks I wanted to hear on the first day. After several passes, i realized that I couldn't remember where to turnoff for the field station and had to ask for help. Then to my surprise, while dealing with the combination lock on the gate, my loaded bike decided to roll over and play dead. The result left me minus my left side mirror.
After a full day of meetings in camp, I rolled back out packed for dinner at my friends outside of Truckee. A great evening of catching up over a couple of bottles of wine and fine food outside readied me for the last day at Sagehen. We broke a little early which was good for my long, one mirror ride home. Gassing up in Truckee, i charged down interstate 80 trying to stay to the left as much as possible. The ride got hotter with every 1000 foot drop in elevation and I sucked down most of my quart of water at a rest stop before the final push home. Some lane splitting in Roseville and just tolerating what turned out to be 102 degree heat finished off this three day 312 mile ride with the KLR doing fine, with/without a mirror. All in all, it was a great late summer ride that left me thinking I should have found a way to do more longer rides up there. Highway 89 would have taken me over Mt. Lassen without much more effort. No complaints, just a good, fun excuse for a ride.
I've got my stock mirror on for now as I get ready to order another one.

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