This is a place where I post thoughts and information about riding again after all these years and the KLR 650 that I have for that purpose.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Next?

Well, I've finished disk two of the Long Way Round and while it was a highly supported trip, it still stuck with me as a fun & at times wild ride. I've got a little more of Horizons Unlimited's The Achievable Dream to finish and I'm deep into Ted Simon's The Return of Jupiter's Travels CD. What I need to do, if figure out where I should go for help getting a set of new tires, chain and sprocket on my KLR and give the bike a good check over so that I can get back on the road for some longer trips. Is this the year I finally get back to baja? Hard to say now. There are trips up north I'd like to do too, maybe all the way to BC for the summer Horizon's gathering. So far, I'm just staying close to home exploring some back levees and practicing some slow, off road riding. Better than nothing and there are lots of things going on that are competing for my time.

More soon.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Little New Year Ride
I took a short but fun ride to kick off the new year right. The sun was out and the sky was deep blue with views far in all directions. I retraced some new tracks along the causeway which is mostly still dry and parked for a long walk in the woods at one point. Later, I practiced fast stops and slow turns near home. Anything to stay outside just a little longer on such a nice day.

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