This is a place where I post thoughts and information about riding again after all these years and the KLR 650 that I have for that purpose.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

KLR Coast Trip

I finally found a good excuse and the time to get over to the coast again on my KLR. I headed out I-80 to 37 and Petaluma back roads Tuesday afternoon for a meeting at the Marconi Center along Tomales Bay. The weather was supposed to be great with temperatures in the low 70s all week so I finally convinced myself to take lighter clothing and gear since I was going to stay indoors. The plan was that after two days at Marconi, where I was too busy to do any exploring, I'd head up the coast to visit my old haunts at Point Arena for a day or two and then head back into the valley heat.

The weather was nice but the wind was blowing which I should have expected in spite of the weather forcast. The result was that I was barely warm enough with all my layers on anywhere along the coast highway. While at Marconi I was able to connect with MrMoose and make arrangements to pick up my radiator guard that I'd purchased long ago but forgot to pick up. When we got out early Thursday afternoon I hit the road and did some quick navigating to get over to Forestville where the guard was waiting but I missed my chance to visit with MrMoose. The ride from there was great fun but chilling at times. I decided to go for the good life and rolled into the Wharfmaster hotel without a reservation. My luck was holding and I got a fine room with a view and good place to leave the KLR. The next day I started slow to let the fog burn off and then stashed my gear at the hotel while I roamed old haunts and found a few new ones. It never warmed and I decided to cut things off that afternoon and spead the rest of the day working my way back on a long series of back roads I know. When I climbed up Mountain View road I quickly got out of the wind and was comfortable again. I stopped at Mendocino Redwood Company property for a look around and snapped a picture.

I rolled through Booneville and on to Hopland where the temperatures climbed at least 30 degrees. I stayed south of Clear Lake and picked up Morgan Valley road and on to Berryessa. This is a great old road little traveled and even had some nice shallow water crossings to play in. I got home just before dark feeling a little saddle sore and very happy. The KLR ran like a top and it was great to be back in the saddle for a longer trip again. Over the three days I logged over 500 miles, many of them on small and/or one lane backroads, got lots of cool breezes (!) and had a great time on this fun solo ride.

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