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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Doohickie Fest Report

Here's the famous MrMoose's full report just for fun...

Message: 10
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 17:42:07 -0000
From: "Keith Saltzer"
Subject: *****No. Ca Doohicky Party/ Summery and PICS*****

Hey everybody. Well, as you may have already read in some of the
others posts, this Doohicky Party went off with a bang and we got
ALOT done. I had a great time here hanging out with everybody that
showed up and am very happy with the turn out.

Even though it was raining all morning till noon, I had 19 dedicated
people show up. One came Friday night, from Oregon, and everybody
else showed up between 8:00 Saturday morning till 6:30 that night.
Most stayed the night and all were gone by noon Sunday.

You can look at the pics and read the captions at the link below, but
first let me say a few things.

First of all, I just HAVE to say a BIG THANK YOU to Eagle Mike and
Mark B. (from LA) for coming all the way up here and helping me work
hard, long hours on all of these bikes. These guys were the only
reason that I had so many guys over here. They brought lots of parts
and supplies for everyone's bikes, AND they brought about 20 lbs of
various tasting sausage links for us all to chow down on. They even
brought me up a rear master cylinder gaurd and a main blade fuse
relocation kit (that Tammy makes) for my own bike. They are truly
great KLR people. I already had those great parts on my bike and so
I turned around and gave them to Lurch. Hey, he's a great guy and
besides, I owed him for giving me his kickstand at the ESR because I
broke mine off in a crash up there.

I want to thank everyone that was here for taking care of and
respecting mine, and everyone elses tools. Even though there were
people walking all over the place, people wrenching inside and
outside, tools spread all over the floor, counters, tables, bikes,
and chairs, I did not lose one single tool. I find that amazing and
I again thank you.

I need to thank the many people that gave me some other cool stuff
like the engine gasket, magnetic drain plug, spark plug, a black
anodized all aluminum doohicky for showing purposes (from Eagle Mike
of course), Barnaby for spending a little time on my computer to make
it faster, and some cash here and there to help out with food. I
know I am forgetting something or someone and I'm sorry if I left you
out. My mind was going 8 different directions that day for most of
the day.

In a nutshell, if you could have been here and weren't.........YOU
MISSED OUT BIG TIME! It was such a blast.

All you KLR guys out there are the best bunch of people that I think
I have ever met. I look foreward to not only riding with you all
sometime in the future, but also having you all here again for
another wrenchfest, maybe targeting something different like valves
or suspension.

I'm leaving here in a couple of hours to get my right hand operated
on today, and of course after that, not only will I be pretty loopy
from the gooooood drugs that I will be taking, I will not be able to
type for a while again. So don't be surprised if I drop off the list
again for a while. You can certainly call me though at 707-887-
9516. I can still talk your ear off about KLR's. :-)

Talk to you guys later, and thanks again.

Check out the pics of this function at:

A8 (Barbie and Ken special)

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Doohickie Done!

Well, over a year after I bought the parts I have finally replaced my doohickie with one made by Eagle Manufactoring and Engineers and by none other than Eagle Mike himself. I braved the rainy weather and made the trip to Forestville where MrMoose hosted a doohickie party and about a dozen KLRs showed up for the event. I didn't stay for the BBQ which is likely still going on but I did get to fix a few things on my bike besides the doohickie which was on too tight, out of adjustment and had a tensioner spring that was "limp"! Imagine my embarassment! Many thanks to MrMoose for hosting and Eagle Mike for making it happen!

I now have replaced the subframe bolts, the tank bolts & dampners, and got a complete set of screws holding on my side cases.

I met some new faces including Valerie/Arcata, Jamie?Eureka, MarkB/Corvalis, Tim/San Rafael, Craig/San Jose, Robert/Mendocino, Barnaby/SF? and more. I also saw some old ones including wild Bill and his new very tricked out KTM adventurer! I also saw several 2004/2005 red KLRs. Here's a yardful of KLRs including mine in the foreground with its new parts.

As always, when I see a bunch of different KLRs I'm reminded how much upgrade work I should do including fork brace, skid plate, gel grips, footpegs and more. The good news is that I had a gift certificate for 25% off IMS products thanks to ESR Pat who apparently received them after a dual sport ride he participated. I was one of 5 lucky recipients and put it to good use.

The ride today was also a good test of what I need to do to ride in the rain. I made the round trip 235 miles (highway 5/12/121/116) mostly in light rain and heavy drizzle conditions using my light weight rain jacket and pants. My boots and gloves weren't waterproof however. I've got to work on solving those problems too. For today however, I'm just happy I stuck it out and made the trip. It was quite an experience.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The Motorcycle Diaries!

This movie made my day and while it is much much more than a motorcycle movie, that old 1939 Norton 500 plays quite a special part in the excellent film.

See what you think. The Motorcycle Diaries

Friday, October 15, 2004

KLR in Chile!

This is truely one of those cases where a picture is worth a few thousand words!

KLR in Chile
Delta Ride

Well, I turned over 16,000 miles today as I made a run across the delta up highway 12 through Rio Vista and then north on 113 until I caught Midway road and circled back up Mace to the Yolo Causeway Wildlife Area for a meeting. I got a few cool nods for riding my bike under those smokey skys too. On the way back, I headed for Sacramento and down Jefferson Blvd until I found River Road and then highway 160 where I followed the Sacramento River back to Walnut Grove and then eastward to Thorton where I made a quick stop to wash all the bugs of my face shield. From there I took my normal route home via Thorton Road and made my way through the Stockton traffic without incident. Total trip mileage was 143 miles

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Some Big Sur Rides I Want to do

I haven't ridden my bike on any of these but have been on most of them long ago.

big sur roads

Sunday, October 10, 2004

What's a Whizzer?

Well, at least I had never seen or heard of one until
earlier this week in southern Oregon. Now that I know
a little more about them,
Whizzer Motorbikes, I wonder why you
don't see them more often on the back of those RVs
careening down the road...

Happy I don't need either at this point.

http://Whizzer in Oregon

For fun, check out one of the links on the whizzer website and read about
the cross country journeys on motorized bicycles.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Doohickie Party!

I plan on being part of the big bash developing at MrMoose's this 10/23-24. It should be quite a time and I hope to learn a few things, maybe pick up some other much needed accessories, and meet more KLR riders. Hope to see you there too!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Copper Canyon!

I just discovered that someone nearby will be trucking his KLR down to San Diego and jumping off into Mexico to head for the big adventure riders gathering at Creel. This trip will include exploring Copper Cyn, perhaps start in Baja and ferry across to the mainland and lots of other highlights.

I can't make the dates that the fact that he had room for one more bike is just driving me crazy right now. This would be about a two week adventure and connect me with riders from all over with stories and tips to share. Jim from Fresno had planned on going too until his water pump met a big rock ok ESR II.

I'll likely post more about the Creel gathering here before long...

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