This is a place where I post thoughts and information about riding again after all these years and the KLR 650 that I have for that purpose.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Very tempting...

This 2002 KLR has lots of goodies and seems to be set up just about like how I'd like to have mine. I wonder what it would be like to have two of them.....?

for sale?

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Riding close to home

I got a late start today but decided to stay in the valley as the heat was tolerable. I stuck to back roads and found more than a little dirt sections too. I left Highway 4 near Farmington and picked up the Old Sonora Rd. A dam blocks the road a few miles in but I took that as an excuse to ride the long way around Woodward reservoir. Lots of people beating the heat there. I picked up the Old Sonora Rd again and followed it to Knight's Landing. I found a shady little park and studied the map, filled up on water and found a patch of blackberries ripe for the picking. That hit the spot and beat hanging out with the Harley guys and the general store.

After cooling off with a wet bandana I headed south across 108 and circled back on Rock Road. That is quite a mix of dirt and one lane potholes. I had so much fun I turned around and backtracked on it. I headed south again and picked up Crabtree road, crossed over the covered bridge over the Tolumne at Roberts Ferry and headed east along the Turlock reservoir. I made a pit stop at the Basso's Ferry boat ramp and had an interesting exchange with a young guy beating on the engine to his "boy toy" car. He wanted to know about my bike, what's it called, is it hard to get, seemed to be good for off/on road riding. I told him a short version of the story of the KLR and that he could find a used one and join the fun. He looked like he was ready to make that move.

I headed towards La Grange and turned north to pick up the dirt Cooperopolis road and circled back towards Knight's Ferry. This time I stopped at the ACOE visitor center and loaded up on water for the hot ride back. I pretty much backtracked and enjoyed the same dirt and twisties all the way back. I managed about 240 miles on the tank (about 175 today) and still didn't hit reserve before I topped the bike off.

That was quite a blast and could be developed into a loop ride and timed or otherwise enjoyed. Shade was hard to find but I made the most of it and even managed to get a squirrel to run between the wheels while I was going about 40 without any damage to either of us.

Glad I got out!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

2nd Annual Eastern Sierra Rendezvous

The Eastern Sierra Rendezvous will be held Sept. 24-26 in hopes that
MrMoose's wrist has recovered from the doctor's infernal redecorating
by that time.

As we did last year, we will camp in the Bridgeport area just off of
US395 - I'm looking into a couple of USFS campgrounds out in Twin
Lakes. Saturday's ride will be an excursion of the historic Bodie
mining district using the old wagon roads balzed over a century ago.
Last year we hit a couple of old mining camps and an old mine. This
year I hope to toss in a third ghost town (Masonic, Bodie and either
Pine Grove or Aurora) and some new trails. Sunday's ride will cross
over Sonora Pass and catch some of the high country up to the edge of
the wilderness areas. While the trails will be whatever the group can
handle its a promise that the vistas will be an endless kodak moment.

I think the KLRistas that came over last year would tell you it was a
great weekend, one that still rumbles around their memory banks. So
like last year, all you got to do to join is show up Friday night.
Letting me know that you'll be there helps to figure how many
campsites to grab. Like last year I figure we will mostly eat
restuarant meals, unles we can rope Jim into showing up and topping
last year's feast. I'll bring the firewood, ice chest, primed for
Friday night and other car camping ammenities including camp tunes.
Being I'll use my truck and ute trailer to bring this stuff it will
also serve as the recovery vehicle should anyone's KLR do the

Basically, its a weekend where all you have to do s show up ready to
have a good time. You'll have a local for a guide that will show you
the best of the best in my south forty.

G'ville, Nv
P.S. (It was a blast last time and will likely be larger and even more fun this time, Dale)

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Big Sur Ride

Here's a link to a great report on a couple of KLR riders and a ride that I need to do and soon. I spent some time down in the area in June and had a great time at a cabin in Deetjens. This would be even more fun, especially if condors were to fly over me while I cruised down highway 1.

Big Sur Ride Report

Monday, July 05, 2004

Short Ride Today

I didn't get out until it was well over 90 for the short ride I planned today. Spending the better part of an hour trying to locate a gas station that still had a working air hose wasn't a good way to set out either. I finally had to resort to my trusty tire pump at home to get the job done after striking out after three tries.

I never left the county but managed to visit a few old backroad haunts. The bridge work over the Cosumnes is still not finished so the best I could do was take that strange ramp from the old one out along the river and under the freeway. An earlier start is needed to make this ride much fun though.

At least I made it out and put a little over 70 miles on the bike but I need to either head for the coast or the high country next time. That seems like a couple of weeks away right now unfortunately...

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Four Corners Calif. Ride?

Reading an article about someone riding around the border of Kansas in the latest issue of Rider got me to thinking. What would that be like in California? I'm sure it's being done on a regular basis but it still interests me. Timing, direction, logistics all seem like an interesting challenge.

My first thought was to include Cresent City, Cederville, Baker or Blythe, and somewhere southeast of San Diego. Will I give it a go this year? I really don't know but that would be a lot of fun. Could travel light and mix some camping with cheap motels and keep a little diary of the trip. Come to think of it, this seems like something that should be an annual activity. Sort of walking the property line of the homestead...

See what happens when I don't do much riding for a week or more?

Friday, July 02, 2004

The rebel and contender

I think I'll get a copy of "The Wild Bunch" this weekend...

Screen Rebel Marlon Brando Dies at 80

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