This is a place where I post thoughts and information about riding again after all these years and the KLR 650 that I have for that purpose.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Missing (the point)

Well, it seems that I managed to lose my main KLR key sometime after I returned from my long roundabout ride to the coast and back last Sunday. I've checked out all the usual places I put it, the clothing that I used and most other things and places that seem to be promising. I have a backup key and have found the "key" to getting a replacement. Nothing special, just get to a locksmith. It's very FRUSTRATING not to be able to lay my hands on the original key and I'm still prowling around from time to time.

I had a very interesting discussion with the local Kawasaki shop after I showed them the doohickie article in a recent issue of Dual Sport News. They claimed to have never heard of the problem, cautioned me that opening the bike and replacing with third party stuff would void my extended warrenty. We don't know if failure of the parts would in fact be covered by the warrenty though and in any case it expires this October. My plan for now is to let things ride and when the bike is in for routine maintenence have things checked as best I can. If things look bad, I'll have the parts replaced. If not, then I wait at least until the warrenty is gone.

My visit to the Kaw store was part of my holiday on 3/31 and I used the bike all day to run errands around town. Among other things I had a routine blood test, breakfast out with Laurie, an eye exam, visited the Kaw store, had some dental work, picked up replacement maps from AAA and then headed back to the barn. Not a bad way to do what needed to be done. Both the bike and I passed all tests so far.

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