This is a place where I post thoughts and information about riding again after all these years and the KLR 650 that I have for that purpose.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

More Adventure!

Sunday I headed up highway 88 after reading about a proposed National Forest closure due to ORV destruction of meadows. I decided to stop at the ranger station and see if I could get mapping so I could see what was happening for myself. When I arrived, the place was closed and there were some general maps outside that showed me some interesting forest roads that loope around Bear Reservoir among other things. I decided to save that ride for another day and/or someone to ride with.
I continued up 88 and found that it finally got quite chilly to be wearing just a t-shirt under my summer riding jacket. I stopped on Carson Pass to add some clothing and that's when the real fun began. I found that I couldn't get the neutral light to stay on and there was no action when I tried to start the bike. I didn't want to get stuck up there so I rolled it back down around the curve on the highway and it started right up. I decided to continue on around to Markleville and back down highway 4 and only stop the engine on steep hills! I did manage to enjoy the remaining fall colors and bright skys and this newfound crisp temperature.
My visor had been damaged trying to remove a bad stain and the scratched area was really making the low sun hard to deal with. I realized this was going to get worse so I pushed on riding steadily to avoid finding my headlight wasn't working and an even lower sun to deal with. My hands were giving me problems too as the grips are really getting worn and need to be replaced.
The sun became worse and worse and I only stopped for water and a snack while leaving the engine running. I experimented with raising the visor part way to try and change the reflection coming off the visor and that helped a little.
I returned via Hunt/Felix/Salt Springs/Rock Creek roads down to Milton and then jumped back on highway 4 until I got to Waverly and Cooperopolis which takes me right into Main street. It was very good to get in while the sun was still shining.
After I let the bike cool, I tested it and found the neutral light to be glowing brightly and the engine started right up. I posted a msg about the ride and problems and got several good tips to check out including loose battery connection, safety switch problems etc. I decided to leave that and replacing the visor for later. I followed up Tuesday and now have a new visor on my helmet and think I fixed a loose battery terminal connection. I've declared myself ready for the next adventure and still need to deal with new grips, a doohickie replacement, and other things that will come up I'm sure. The bike now has over 11,300 miles on it and I have lots of places to take it before the rains and fog arrive to stay.

/waiting for the weekend

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Backroads Sunday

Last Sunday I set out on an afternoon ride south in the direction of the flat I had on 1-5. I stayed on a frontage road and discovered a way under the freeway just as the road ran out on me.
This got me to a new levee area along the San Joaquin river and then south on county roads and highway 33. I met two Goldwing riders at a gas station in Patterson. One owned a KLR and loved it. It sounded like he hauled his bike around to ride off-road. I think they thought I was having the better adventure as they got ready to ride the freeway back to the bay area after exploring 152/33 on those big bikes.
After fueling up, I headed for Del Puerto Cyn road which is a great twisty ride and could be a way over to the coast over Mt. Hamilton and then using more frontage roads along 101 to get to the Santa Cruz Mtns. Next time? This trip was about 150 miles of fun and included a turtle crossing the road rescue. I saw quite a few road bikes and the results of a big fire in the Cyn. Those new tires were great too.
This trip opened my eyes to ways to get places while staying off the freeway and exploring at a slower pace.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Flat, take two!

Well, in the process of learning how to patch a tube on a cold flat tire, I managed to damage both the tire itself, and the new tube too. I didn't break the bead on both sides of the tire or keep the value stem loose enough when replacing it. The tire had to be replaced to avoid further damage to the tube and I had the shop do the necessary work and then put the thing on, adjusted and oiled the chain, and managed to get everything right on the first try. I didn't use the green slime after all but may do so before a long trip or rough route. We'll see. Meanwhile, I did take a nice ride into the foothills to Salt Springs Reservoir and think the new IRC back tire is now broken in.
Sounds Like Fun!

Well, somebody went and worked out a way to cross most of the U.S.
by trails on a motorcycle. I'm going to give some serious to this if I can find a few good riders to go with me!

Monday, October 13, 2003


I set out for the coast today to visit my mother and check out a new way home via Mt. Madonna. I had packed a pretty good bag of tools, gadgets, and food and set out ready for cooler weather.
I only made it just over 20 miles south on I-5 before the bike started to wobble and the back tire was very flat by the time I stopped.
At first, I pushed the bike across the freeway to head towards home while trying to think of someone with a truck or some place to get to for repairs. A bent rusty nail about 3 inches long did the damage. For the first few hours, It looked like a van that was also broken done there would be able to give me a lift after the battery charged. That didn't work as their starter seemed damaged. The van riders had to call for a ride and track down a part.
Freeway Flat

I tried to get the tube out for patching but couldn't with the basic kit. I debated riding over the embankment and trying to make it to a gas station. That didn't seem possible so I got some great help from Laurie on the phone who found a tow truck that would haul me for a price. That wait took nearly two more hours.
When it was all said and done it could have been much worse. It was embarassing to ride home in that tow truck but the driver said harley riders do it all the time!
It could have been worse!

I'm going to start by trying green slime first to see if I can get things fixed.
I'll be back in the saddle soon.
/sitting still at home

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Saturday Ride

Yesterday I had to get out of Dodge after that Giant loss. After all I did need to break in that new front tire and would likely have to work Sunday. Both true.
I found some new back roads including some dirt on Carter Rd to Eugene and made my way to Knights Ferry Via old Sonora Rd. and then to La Grange on the Cooperstown dirt Rd.
There were about 100 Harleys doing the bar thing in La Grange and I got to watch one get stuck in a small ditch forcing the small female passenger to push! I looped back via Bond Road Over Don Pedro Dam and finished with about 145 miles on the new tire and a better attitude. The tire seemed to do fine but neither of us liked the sand we hit.
Just for fun I also poked fun at harley riders and peecee users on the KLR list server today. I had to take things out on somebody and the terminator did ride one...

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